This is what the official Oktoberfest mug looks like in 2021

Oktoberfest Mug 2021 On Alchemytee

Even without Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest mug presented in 2021

Usually, the mug presentation is the first official date of the Oktoberfest. But even if the Oktoberfest cannot take place again this year due to the pandemic: The official collector’s mug of the state capital Munich gives hope and anticipation for next year.

“The longing for the Oktoberfest in 2021 naturally torments us all,” said Clemens Baumgärtner at the official jug presentation. But even if Corona is now taking us away from the Oktoberfest fun for a second time: “You can drink the beer in proper style.”

Because whether the Oktoberfest takes place or not: An official Oktoberfest mug has been brought out every year since 1978. The limited-edition mugs are correspondingly popular with Oktoberfest fans and souvenir hunters. That pleases the Oktoberfest boss, who is passionate about collecting Oktoberfest mugs: “With the city’s new official Oktoberfest mug, the Oktoberfest celebration at home will be even better. And the good piece is a must for collectors anyway.

Modern design and a lot of heart: the Oktoberfest in all its facets

 Oktoberfest Mug 2021 On Alchemytee

The Oktoberfest mug was also designed with the official poster motif in 2021. It shows a blue-rimmed gingerbread heart with Oktoberfest symbols such as the Olympic loop as a bow, two beer mugs, hop tendrils and a pretzel – and impresses with its fresh colors. The design comes from the young Munich designer Maria Elisabeth Dick.

In addition to the simple Keferloher, there is also a jug with a hand-made pewter lid. This year it shows a portrait of the legendary Oktoberfest host Michael Schottenhamel (1838–1912). In 1872, Schottenhamel made the decision to serve a more heavily brewed Märzen beer for the first time, which has since established itself as a popular Oktoberfest beer. In the coming years, the manufacturer will continue the series and show further portraits of hosts who are closely connected to the history of the Oktoberfest.